What dance teaches me about life

Welcome to The Dance Company Our mission is to inspire our students to a passion for dancing and life. Dancing builds self confidence while promoting a healthy body image. We encourage teamwork and positive life skills that will help our students succeed in all aspects of life. For our parents, we strive to provide an affordable, organized, enjoyable program so they may completely take part in the achievements and accomplishments of their children.

What dance teaches me about life

Meaghan Feeback Lora LaMon Lora is available full time for classes, private lessons and technical coaching. But we all enjoy watching a proficient dancer execute a few patterns done well. She began playing classical piano at the age of 4, eventually developing an interest in contemporary pieces.

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At 14 she composed her first short concerto. She continued dancing through college where she was introduced to ballroom, latin and swing. Ina group or co-workers talked her into joining them at a country western club where for the next four years she mastered all the country couple dances popular at that time.

What dance teaches me about life

InLora re-entered the world of Ballroom. Shortly after that, she began training and teaching. The day she fell in love with dance at her 6th grade sock hop; and the day she started sharing her love of dance with others. Kathy grew up dancing and has been sharing her passion for dance with students for more than 15 years.

Her first love is the social dance floor, which is reflected in her teaching as she strives to help people learn the technique and skill necessary to lead, follow, and create spontaneous dance. Students tend to appreciate her fun-loving attitude, eye for detail, and her focused approach.

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Her goal is to connect with each student while offering clear, solid dance technique, motivation and an enjoyable learning and dancing environment. For the next 15 years, she trained as a competitive soloist and team dancer in addition to participating on a performance troupe for 13 years.

As both a solo and team competitor, Meaghan traveled all over North America and to Ireland and Scotland to dance in regional, national and world level competitions. She was a top five podium soloist in the western region and a top 25 soloist at the nationals. She teaches with the Yeates Academy of Irish Dance.

You are a highly gifted teacher!

What dance teaches me about life

We have so enjoyed getting to know you, in the process of learning to dance. We will continue to frequent the studio as we endeavor to get better and look forward to our continued fellowship with you.

My clients are still talking about it! Thank you very much. It went exactly as I had hoped. Those lessons started us on a wonderful road, holding each other close, delighting each other with endless variations, and lots of just plain fun.

So, here we are between Barcelona and Florence in the last third of our trans-Atlantic cruise and we are not only having the usual fun, but feeling very grateful to you for giving us that kick start. A year ago, my wife and I did not know how to dance.

Lora has taught us how to confidently take to the floor and dance Swing, Waltz, Tango and seven other styles of dance.

Dancing is now a very fun part of our lives and a great way to spend time together doing something we both enjoy. Just completed the basic waltz class where she taught body mechanics and the how and why of certain steps and movements. She has a relaxed, yet thorough approach to the lesson and we enjoyed her often humorous explanations.

We look forward to many more lessons. DanaMarie Augustine Wonderful teacher, wonderful atmosphere, great fun!!!

Wot's Hot - Western Sydney Bootscootin'

We are acquiring a new strength and hopefully grace of movement. Our balance has improved. The mental exercise of moving in the right way at the right time in partnership with another person is so valuable. You are a gifted teacher.

We appreciate the methodical, purposeful, and joyful manner in which you approach dancing lessons. We are truly enjoying learning to dance!Watch Behind the Scenes videos from Dance Magazine, Dance Spirit, Pointe and Dance Teacher cover shoots, instructional how-tos, post .

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Buy Lalaloopsy Dance With Me Interactive Doll - Peanut Big Top: Toys & Games - benjaminpohle.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Testimonials "Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into our shows and teaching me every year.

I have learned so much from you and your have helped shape the person I am today. Ceroc, originally from France and then made popular in UK, is a modern form of jive. It is a smooth and stylish partner dance blending jive, ballroom and swing to make a funky modern dance enjoyed by people of all ages.

Dance Images by BJ is in it’s 26th year of operation. All of our Dance Educators at Dance Images maintain a high standard of Education, Enthusiasm, Love of. 10 Things Dance Taught Me About Life (Part 1) If you haven’t heard, I’m a dancer. In the literal sense, and in the sense of a dancer being someone who enjoys the movement of life in an artistic sort of way.

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