Steve jobs standford graduation speech

On one occasion he did stay in the car, and the car turned out to be the worst place he could have been. He lampshades this at the beginning of "Chuck Versus the First Date", when, upon being asked why he didn't stay in the car, he shouts "You know what? It's never safe in the car!

Steve jobs standford graduation speech

Steve jobs standford graduation speech

Dell was started by Michael Dell born while a student at the University of Texas in Dell became an industry leader selling quality computers on the Internet at very competitive prices.

It remains in good working condition. I also added a firewire card. The computer came with a 15 inch flat panel monitor. Pretty amazing statistics compared to a Kaypro 4 only twenty years earlier or a Dell SX only 12 years earlier!

The Mac k was introduced in January with much fanfare and a Super Bowl ad. The computer was upgraded later to the Mac k, many finding the original kilobytes of memory inadequate. The computer is quite portable. The monitor is monochrome. Macintosh k, the computer which in Apple ads said "hello.

It is in good condition with the original software. The computer has one kilobyte internal floppy drive. I also have the model M external drive, but it does not work. I also have a beat up, non-working k Mac with the internal drive removed which I may someday make into a Mac aquarium.

Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech - New Entrepreneurs Foundation

Mac aquariums are apparently all the rage! See The Apple Collection for a sampling. Click for image of the motherboard. For detailed information about the original Mac see Low End Mac and the links there.Steve Jobs delivered his speech ‘Stay Hungary, Stay Foolish’ to the graduates of Stanford style of presentation is very different to his Apple product launch presentations.

However, this is a speech worthy of study. Steve Jobs CEO of Apple Computers Commencement Address at Stanford University, Read the full commencement address» Stanford University Stanford, CA June 12, Posted on: COMMENCEMENT: BEST SPEAKERS: GRADUATION QUOTES: Top 10 Speeches Best Speeches by Year Graduation Advice.

Jun 12,  · Steve Jobs' Stanford commencement speech occurred ten years ago but still remains inspirational because it touches the soul.

Xerox () Produced from to , the Xerox was the culmination of Xerox innovation in graphical user interfaces, networking and object oriented programming at their famous Palo Alto Research Center or PARC.

The roots of the Xerox go back to the Xerox Alto (as in "Palo Alto") produced at PARC in It was not a desk top machine.

Here is the full text of Steve Jobs' commencement speech to Stanford in It is one of the greatest reflections on life we've ever heard. If you want to watch him give the speech we have the. Steve Jobs wrote and delivered the commencement speech “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” to the graduates of Stanford University on June 12, The style and content are very different from his Apple product launch presentations, but no less worthy of study.

This speech is littered with humour.

Steve jobs standford graduation speech
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