Poverty as a social problem

We have two basic poverty problems in the United States. One is the prevalence of low-wage work. The other concerns those who have almost no work. Most people who are poor work as much as they can and go in and out of poverty.

Poverty as a social problem

What are the major factors of poverty? Poverty as a Social Problem: We have all felt a shortage of cash at times. That is an individual experience. It is not the same as the social problem of poverty.

While money is a measure of wealth, lack of cash can be a measure of lack of wealth, but it is not the social problem of poverty. It includes sustained low levels of income for members of a community. It includes a lack of access to services like education, markets, health care, lack of decision making ability, and lack of communal facilities like water, sanitation, roads, transportation, and communications.

Furthermore, it is a "poverty of spirit," that allows members of that community to believe in and share despair, hopelessness, apathy, and timidity. Poverty, especially the factors that contribute to it, is a social problem, and its solution is social.


We learn in these training web pages that we can not fight poverty by alleviating its symptoms, but only by attacking the factors of poverty. This handout lists and describes the "Big Five" factors that contribute to the social problem of poverty.

The simple transfer of funds, even if it is to the victims of poverty, will not eradicate or reduce poverty. It will merely alleviate the symptoms of poverty in the short run.

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It is not a durable solution. Poverty as a social problem calls for a social solution. That solution is the clear, conscious and deliberate removal of the big five factors of poverty. Factors, Causes and History: A "factor" and a "cause" are not quite the same thing.

A "cause" can be seen as something that contributes to the origin of a problem like poverty, while a "factor" can be seen as something that contributes to its continuation after it already exists. Poverty on a world scale has many historical causes: There is an important difference between those causes and what we call factors that maintain conditions of poverty.

Poverty as a social problem

The difference is in terms of what we, today, can do about them. We can not go back into history and change the past. What we potentially can do something about are the factors that perpetuate poverty.

It is well known that many nations of Europe, faced by devastating wars, such as World Wars I and II, were reduced to bare poverty, where people were reduced to living on handouts and charity, barely surviving. Within decades they had brought themselves up in terms of real domestic income, to become thriving and influential modern nations of prosperous people.

We know also that many other nations have remained among the least developed of the planet, even though billions of dollars of so-called "aid" money was spent on them. Because the factors of poverty were not attacked, only the symptoms.

At the macro or national level, a low GDP gross domestic product is not the poverty itself; it is the symptom of poverty, as a social problem. The factors of poverty as a social problem that are listed here, ignorancediseaseapathydishonesty and dependencyare to be seen simply as conditions.The big five factors of poverty (as a social problem) include: ignorance, disease, apathy, dishonesty and dependency.

These, in turn, contribute to secondary factors such as lack of markets, poor infrastructure, poor leadership, bad governance, under-employment, lack of skills, lack of capital, and others.

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Sep 20,  · Poverty is a social problem due to the following reasons: 1. It creates massive economic burden on the economy like food resources, health resources, housing resources etc as these people do not have the mean to pay for these goods and benjaminpohle.com: Resolved.

Poverty is defined as a social problem.

Poverty as a social problem

A social problem is defined as the problem must has a social origin, must be harmful to many individuals, must be defined publicly as a social problem and must has a social solution (Charon 6). Yes. In most cases, poverty is a social problem.

The State of Poverty in America

But this problem is just a symptom of another huge problem: Social mobility.. or rather the lack of social mobility. Poverty is a word, used in two forms. Absolut poverty refers to the lack of basic means and is a catastrophic social problem. Impact of poverty on society: tensions, unrest and social divide Consequences on people The vicious cycles of poverty mentioned before mean that lifelong handicaps and troubles that are passed on from one generation to another.

Poverty as a social problem 1.

Poverty is defined as a social problem. A social problem is defined as the problem must has a social origin, must be harmful to many individuals, must be defined publicly as a social problem and must has a social solution (Charon 6). The social problem I chose, problems individuals living in poverty face when trying to find adequate employment, is a big problem in today's society because of the lack of employment and financial hardships that are occurring. What is Poverty and why is it a social problem? Poverty is a standard of living below the minimum needed for maintenance of adequate diet, health and shelter (Eitzen). Thirty seven million Americans were reported poor in (Eitzen ). The key word is reported because about another 30 million.

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