Mind and heart rational decisions emotions

Emotional Heart Overview When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creaturesof logic, but with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudiceand motivated by pride and vanity.

Mind and heart rational decisions emotions

These decisions can range from choosing which cereal to buy at the grocery store to choosing which college to attend for the next four years. When making these decisions, we do not always choose the most rational option. But why is that?

When faced with important decisions shouldn't the most sensible choice be obvious? When making decisions, both the rational section of our brains, and the emotional sections of our brains are active.

Certain situations may require more activity in the rational part of the brain, while others will require more activity in the emotional section of the brain. These two sections of the brain are always competing, and typically we are equipped to call upon either section to help us with our decisions.

With equal access to these two sections of the brain making decisions should be a breeze for us, right? Studies have shown that when our mind is overloaded with information, the emotional aspect of our brain tends to win out.

When confronted with decisions we are usually faced with a lot to consider, which overwhelms the rational part of our brain. With so much stress put on the rational mind, it is too weak to put up a fight against the emotional mind.

Everyone get numbers with varying digits, some with two digits, and others with up to seven. When walking to the room when they are supposed to recite the numbers they were given someone interrupts them in the hall and gives them a choice between a chocolate cake and fruit.

Interestingly enough, he people with fewer digits tended to choose fruit and people with more digits chose chocolate cake. These results display what happens when the rational section of the brain is strained.

Typically, the emotional section pushes for cake and sweets and the rational section pushes toward fruit because it is healthier. The rational brain has too much to keep track of when it is attempting to remember seven numbers, and therefore is vulnerable and overpowered by the emotional part of the brain and gives in to the sweet, chocolaty appeal of the cake.

It seems so unfair. The most imperative decisions we have to make in life tend to be those that overwhelm us and stress us out.

Yet, when making such crucial decisions our ability to make the right decision is impaired. Is there any way that we can make rational decisions even when we are stressed?

Because it's hard to tell if the test proves overwhelmingly that this is true, or if the difference is so small it could be chance. I feel like I make the majority of decisions in my life based on my emotional side.

It seems like the rational side is working towards success and the emotional side is working for happiness. Like the id verses the super ego, but I feel like it is okay to let the emotional side take over every once in a while. It is what separates us from the robots after all.Emotional decision making is part of who we are and, when appropriately incorporated, this style can enhance the decision making process.

This suggests an ongoing tension between the rational cost-benefit calculations and the instinctive emotional decision making parts of our mind, particularly for moral judgments. Intensity of emotions. Studies have shown that when our mind is overloaded with information, the emotional aspect of our brain tends to win out.

When confronted with decisions we are usually faced with a lot to consider, which overwhelms the rational part of our brain. Jul 22,  · How to Make Your Heart and Mind Work Together.

Have you ever made a decision and doubted it? it is not necessarily “better” than our normal decision-making.

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The two – heart and mind, reason and intuition – can in fact work well together. It just takes a bit of effort and training. Your rational mind and heart may be giving 76%(50). Oct 01,  · Start with the mind. People generally consider the “rational mind” to be a good thing. We think of it as a function or process that guides our actions, logically, usually by avoiding emotion or biased judgement%(51).

Your brain and heart work together in producing emotions. Your heart actually contains neurons, similar to those in your brain, and your heart and brain are closely connected, creating a symbiotic whole The Neurons in Your Heart Makes Decisions Too. It is ultimately what makes us human Compassion is the heart's gift to the rational.

Mind and heart rational decisions emotions

Heart vs Mind In human beings, the thought process originates in the mind or the brain that is inside the head of an individual. Logical, rational thinking is attributed to the brain or the mid of a person, but when it comes to emotional thinking, it is the human heart that takes precedence over [ ].

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