Merits and demerits of informal communication

Learning mediated through agents of authority Learning mediated through learner democracy Fixed and limited time-frame Learning is the main explicit purpose Learning is either of secondary significance or is implicit Learning is applicable in a range of contexts Learning is context-specific There are some obvious but daunting problems, if such an approach was intended to produce an accurate means of classifying actual learning activities and situations as either formal or informal. This was aptly illustrated when an earlier version of the figure was presented to the Steering Group for this project.

Merits and demerits of informal communication

Advantages and Disadvantages What is grapevine communication? By definition, grapevine is a form of informal communication that is usually based on rumors. In an organization setting, grapevine communication is prevalent at the lower levels of an establishment or organization.

Many have asked why such type of communication is called grapevine. Same can be said about grapevine communication because it is all based on rumors.

The origin of the information might never be known. A typical example of grapevine communication in an organization or establishment is conversations that go on between co-workers during lunch breaks, on their way home from work or even in company parking lots.

In this brief article on grapevine communication, we are going to take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of grapevine communication. Advantages of grapevine communication The first advantage of a grapevine communication is the fact that information through this channel is extremely fast.

Many have said of grapevine communication to be one of the fastest forms of communication.

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It spreads faster than wild fire. Another advantage of grapevine communication is that it tends to bring a sense of unity among employees of an organization when they meet to share and discuss certain issues.

Experts say that because of the nature of grapevine communication, it enhances group cohesiveness in many organizations all over the world. Grapevine communication is an informal mode of communication but it plays an instrumental role in aiding the formal methods of communication in every organization.

In organizations or establishments where formal communications do not function properly, grapevine communication comes to the rescue. Information through grapevine ends up being the only way employees can get any information about things going on around them.

Disadvantages of Grapevine communication Grapevine information since it is largely based on rumors tends to carry along with it partial information which ends up not giving the real state of affairs in an organization. Information received through grapevine might not be true.

For instance imagine a situation where lower ranking employees of an organization begin peddling false information about people at the top.

This action can gradually destroy the goodwill of the organization. The fourth disadvantage with grapevine communication is one that is common in many organizations all over the world.

This is when employees become unproductive thanks to grapevine. Grapevine communication can make organizations lose a lot of money because thanks to grapevine employees spend work hours talking about the latest rumor circulating around them. The organization pays dearly for this. Grapevine communication cannot be relied on because it is not trustworthy.

If not managed properly, it can have serious implications.Informal organization refers to the informal relationships develop among the group of employees in an organization. These groups fulfill their needs which are largely personal in .

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Merits and demerits of informal communication

Informal groups arise rapidly on the basis of friendship or some common interest. Types, functions, advantages and disadvantages of Informal groups are detailed.


gossip. As in, "I heard it through the grapevine ". Grapevine communication is a form of informal business communication, which develops within an organization. Will The midshipman who is accused of date rape be charged with rape in a criminal court of law and have the case handed over to the authorities to deal with .

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