Individuals suffering from social comparison

JonesEmily C. Haugenand Mallary K.

Individuals suffering from social comparison

Search Location of Repository A drug called comparison: These others may serve as sources of hope and inspiration and may foster positive selfevaluations, but may sometimes also cause frustration and despair.

In this dissertation, comparison processes with others i. Burnout is a state of mental exhaustion, encompassing feelings of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment.


How would individuals in such a state compare themselves with others? Are they still capable, like healthy people, to preserve a positive view of themselves vis-a-vis others?

Can they be inspired by successful others in the same way as healthy people? And how do they respond to confrontation with unfortunate others?

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Moreover, how may they benefit from comparison with others? By studying burnout from a social comparison perspective, this dissertation aims to give more insight in the development and persistence of burnout, and to provide suggestions for the treatment of burnout.

Burnout constitutes a major problem in our society that not only affects the individuals inflicted by it, but also the recipients of their service i. Social comparison processes may be particularly relevant for burnout, as burnout develops and persists mainly in the context of the working environment, a domain where social comparison is a quite prevalent phenomenon e.

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Moreover, social comparison processes seem to play in general a significant role among people facing mental and physical health problems e. Leraren, Sociale vergelijking; Burnout; Proefschriften vorm ; Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location s:In this study, we examined perceptions regarding the causes of eating disorders, both among those with eating disorders as well as those without.

By understanding the differences in perceived causes between the two groups, better educational programs for lay people and those suffering from eating. Bartholomay, Emily Marie, "Treating Public Speaking Anxiety: A Comparison of Exposure and Video Self-Modeling" ().All Theses, Dissertations, and Other Capstone Projects.

Only about half of individuals suffering from social anxiety disorder seek treatment, and they generally experience life-long impact, such as comorbid affective. To define purpose in life, we rely on the definition in our prior work (Kashdan & McKnight, , p.

): Purpose is defined as a central, self-organizing life aim. Central in that if present, purpose is a predominant theme of a person’s identity.

If we envision a person positioning descriptors of their personality on a dartboard, purpose would be near the innermost, concentric circle.

Individuals suffering from social comparison

Commitment to a purpose in life: An antidote to the suffering by individuals with social anxiety disorder Todd B. Kashdan and Patrick E.

Individuals suffering from social comparison

McKnight George Mason University. In this dissertation, comparison processes with others (i.e., social comparisons) are studied among individuals who can be assumed to be particularly vulnerable for the harmful effects of these comparisons: individuals suffering from burnout.

Forecasting the onset and course of mental illness with Twitter data The months during which individuals suffering from depression are undiagnosed and untreated pose a significant health risk.

Given that the changes that occur with the first onset of depression may be reflected in social media.

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