Failure at pearl harbor essay

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Failure at pearl harbor essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Pearl Harbor: Initially, this conclusion seems reasonable seeing as it is highly improbable that the United States military, one of the most advanced of its time, could neglect to realize that a Japanese force was advancing on the headquarters of its Pacific Naval fleet.

An intelligence failure at Pearl Harbor was caused by the fact that Washington Navy and Army officials failed to properly distribute available intelligence, make educated decisions based on unevaluated intelligence reports, take every defensive measure when sources suggested a Japanese surprise attack and utilize all intelligence sources due to a heavy dependency on MAGIC intelligence.

They encrypt their communications. The US cracked the Japanese cipher which was code named purple, and began to listen in on diplomatic traffic. MAGIC was highly classified diplomatic communication between the Japanese government and its foreign ambassadors and consulates.

The Navy reported its intelligence to the following officials: The Director of Naval Intelligence 2. Chief of the War Plans Section 4. Assistant Chief of Naval Operations 5. Chief of Naval Operations, Harold R.

Secretary of the Navy 7.

Failure at pearl harbor essay

Naval Aid to the President 8. Assistant chief of the G-2 staff 2. The Chief of War Plans 3. Chief of Staff 4. Secretary of War 5. Unfortunately, this meant that only one person could analyze the messages at a time, and: It had not been processed in any manner except for the decoding and translating….

The failure of these leaders was not necessarily based on the decisions that they made as a result of their analysis, but the fact that their analysis was often faulty, as they knew little about the subject matter.

Due to the previously discussed rigid security surrounding MAGIC, many individuals who could have made use of this intelligence were denied it. Rear Admiral Edwin T. Layton was the Combat Intelligence Officer in charge of all intelligence related to the Pacific Fleet at Honolulu, and therefore should have had access to all Naval intelligence.

The reason for the limited distribution was security. Stimson, about what information could or could not be obtained from communications intelligence, or that it was one source and should be evaluated in conjunction with all other available sources.

Admiral Kimmel, Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific fleet based at Pearl Harbor, received a report that had been sent from the radio intelligence unit in Hawaii.

It stated that a large concentration of Japanese submarines and carrier aircraft had amassed in the Marshall Islands.

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This likely meant that aircraft carriers were part of the group as well. Any indication of a militant Japanese force nearing an American Naval base should have been taken very seriously, however Kimmel ignorantly relied on MAGIC information, which did not indicate any reports of Japanese Naval activity in the Marshall Islands, and therefore no further investigation took place.

Failure at pearl harbor essay

It is likely that the Pearl Harbor attack could have been averted if it had. Another instance of MAGIC dependency occurred when Admiral Kimmel received a report that Japanese consuls in Far Eastern countries as well as in London and Washington had been ordered to destroy their secret documents and codes.

Kimmel was also aware that the Japanese consulate in Honolulu was burning secret documents. He felt that Japanese consulates were simply making preparation for Japan to end diplomatic negotiations with the United States. The diplomats…can pack up their codes…and take them home. Also, when you rupture diplomatic negotiations, you do not rupture consular relations.

The consuls stay on.Pearl Harbor was a failure for the Japanese for three main reasons. 1) it gave the Japanese "victory disease" 2) the Japanese primary mission failed. and 3) it "awakened a sleeping giant. Cite This Article. Rothbard, Murray N.

"Origins of the Welfare State in America." Journal of Libertarian Studies 12, No. 2 (): – Get an answer for 'What were the causes and effects of Pearl Harbor?' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes. Intelligence Failures: 9/11 and Pearl Harbor Essay Words | 3 Pages.

there are multiple intelligence failures such as 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. These failures are due to intelligence collected which was either delayed or misdirected to the rest of the intelligence community. ntil the first African slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia, in , wealthy plantation owners relied on indentured servants for cheap labor.

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