Comparison of forehand groundstrokes

Serena Williams and Steffi Graf have put together some astounding numbers in their careers. Here's an in-depth look.

Comparison of forehand groundstrokes

Comments 8 A male player with a lethal forehand, an even better backhand, great movement, amazing footwork, comfortable at the net, able to use a reactive baseline style which brings success in the modern game explained herecombined with a great serve and a great return of serve.

How do you beat him?

Bruggemann Jobe Forehand Comparison. Forehand comparisons. Download file. Posted by Lee Couillard at AM | Permalink. March 11, Calculating serve speed. Lauren Chong Kee groundstrokes. Lauren Chong Kee groundstrokes. Download file. Posted by Bernard Gusman at AM | Permalink. Brittany Suzuki groundstrokes. Groundstrokes - Forehand and Backhand: Anyone who plays tennis knows that groundstrokes are the basic fundamentals and you need to practice them the most. As we noted above your grip will define what type of groundstrokes you are hitting - flat, underspin, topspin. Tennis Groundstrokes – The Forehand and Backhand Groundstroke. Tennis groundstrokes are the fundamental shots in tennis. The forehand groundstroke and the backhand groundstroke are the two forms of shots used on baseline rallies. This article gives some overview of these different tennis groundstrokes.

It took a sensational performance from Federer to defeat Djokovic, one of the greatest in Comparison of forehand groundstrokes career — Federer has a tendency to play his best tennis in the semi final of a Major — previous destructions at Australian Open semi finals include Roddick inRoddick in and TsongaDjokovic in US Open andetc, thus it was not completely surprising that his best tennis of the year came during the semi final of the second Major of the year.

What was surprising is how intelligent Federer played, and how complete he has become with his tactics. Despite being past his peak, Federer delivered a stunning performance, one reeking of a proactive, aggressive style that has become rare to watch in the modern game.

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So how did Federer defeat Djokovic? Federer took time away from Djokovic, made him move laterally AND vertically on the court. He served very well.

Comparison of forehand groundstrokes

Serving well is arguably the most important thing to do in a tennis match if not one of the most importantand doing it benefits to reducing unforced errors from reduced pressure, hitting more winners due to having shorter returns from the opponent, and more concentration to focus on your opponents games than your own, reducing pressure.

The images below should help extend the analysis, explaining how the 4 points in a more clear and extended manner with diagrams and notations.

But how does it matter later on in the point? What effect does this slice have? In the image above, Federer hits a topspin backhand to the black rectangle, meaning he is moving Djokovic away from his most comfortable position on the court the centre of the court.

Ball Contact The octagonal handle[ edit ] Numbering of bevels on a tennis racket grip In order to understand the grips, it is important to know that the handle of a racquet always consists of 8 sides or, in other words, has an octagonal shape.
Why Qlipp and Sony and not the Others? Share on Facebook In a tennis, when people talk about their forehand and backhand strokes, they are usually referring to their groundstrokes.

With all the free space, Federer hits a clean down-the-line topspin backhand winner. This pattern emerged in just the third game of the whole match — that Federer hit a down-the-line backhand winner so early tells you he had a clear strategy from early on.

At in the tie-breaker, Federer hits another cross-court slice, however unlike the one in image 1, this slice is more deep, much higher than the service line. Djokovic can opt for a down-the-line backhand, which he is so comfortable with, to avoid losing balance and court positioning and the point from Federer inevitably hitting down-the-line with his backhand if he returns the shot cross court.

Federer now hits a down the line backhand, Djokovic has to move laterally to his weaker wing to recover the shot. And indeed he does; however now Federer hits an even more risky shot, an inside-out down-the-line backhand, which wrong-foots Djokovic; Federer is a tough match-up for any modern baseliner to deal with because he has so much variety.

This different angle shows the cross-court rally, where both players are camped to their backhand side, one hits back to the other player Djokovicwhere as the other is hitting to the space Federer.

This leaves Federer with a huge space. Federer duly converts with an inside-in forehand winner. This leads to almost a double-edge sword for Djokovic in baseline rallies; either he lets Federer hit down-the-line backhands continuously and hope Federer misses them or stops hitting DTL BHs, or he starts moving to his right and is now open to the inside-out forehand wrong-footing shot.

The statistics from the match help aid this point, Federer hit 18 aces on a clay-court. A Matter Of A Few Points It is important to note, despite Federer playing extremely well, Djokovic also played a very good match, a match which was very close and could have been decided in a different manner Djokovic winning by perhaps only a few different factors.

Aggression Djokovic has defeated Nadal five times in — at times he has toyed with the Spaniard, one of the reasons he can do this is because he finds it easy to be aggressive against Nadal aka it is in his own hands. Against Federer Tsonga is also a good example however it is different.

It is much more difficult to be aggressive against him in comparison to players such as Nadal. Federer has more variety and thus you need to find different ways to be aggressive, his low-slice means it is very hard for anyone to be aggressive against him as the slice aims to take out aggressive shots from the other player how can you hit an aggressive shot when the ball is cm off the floor?

This was different in the Australian Open semi final — where Federer was the one who found it very difficult to be aggressive against Djokovic. Difference from that match and this match? Federer served lights out in Paris and very poorly in Melbourne.

However — with all the key differences, the Big 4 unite with one thing; they are all amazing defenders on a tennis-court, what is remarkable is that they defend differently.

Murray defends well by making opponents hit aggressive shots time after time which usually result in unforced errors, he does this technique-wise by hitting cross-court a lot when in a defensive position and using slice on his backhand to add some variety.

Nadal defends by slowly pummelling the opponent with his forehand and eventually controlling the point, or less frequent now than say in by making the opponent hit a risky net approach or go for an aggressive shot from a shoulder-high tennis ball, which many players do not have the footwork required to aggressively attack.

Federer at times will just go for the big, risky shot when outside the second week of a Major and accepts the unforced errors that come.The main aim of this study was to identify and compare ball speed and hitting accuracy of forehand and backhand groundstrokes between ATP professionals (elite) and high-performance youth players when shots were played cross-court and down the line to a target square.

As you take your racket back for a forehand groundstroke, extend your other arm towards the ball. Your balance will improve immediately and you'll be able to transfer your weight into the shot. Similarly, when you play an overhead, keep your balance by pointing to the ball with your free hand.

The results of measured groundstrokes indicate that the ball speed of the forehand and the backhand ground stroke was higher in the elite group when analysing (1) all valid shots, (2) the six fastest shots, and (3) the six most accurate shots (all P.

Apr 13,  · This video is about some key points on better groundstrokes. This video is talking about flat or topspin groundstrokes not for slice.

For lesson and clinic info please follow along on Facebook. Feb 21,  · But I didn't watch the match so I cant say if her groundstrokes were consistent, but you have to remember Venus is a rhythmic player. especially on her forehand. at the comparison. Her ground game was at its most balanced at the YEC in ' The Dawntreader is offline Quote Quick Reply.

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