Business writing tip of the day kids

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Business writing tip of the day kids

This is the fifth update of my famous tipsheet on freelance greeting card writing. As you read it, keep in mind this tipsheet is more than enough to get you started in the world of writing verses for greeting cards.

It will also sustain you through your early sales. The information contained here is certainly more than I had when I started writing verses inwith two children under the age of four.

During those years, I had no more than 20 minutes a day to call my own, no instant online networking at my fingertips and definitely no verse-writing mentor to guide me over the rough spots. In those early years, there were also very few articles on greeting card writing.

The information there talked about selling rhymed, metered verse. I was selling humor. When humor was mentioned, it was referenced totally within the sphere of gags and jokes. My editors wanted—and were buying—real life humor I was learning the ropes with the mid-size and smaller companies—working with editors, tackling assignments, meeting deadlines.

Going to the more accessible companies soon had me on a first-name basis with most of my editors who knew—and trusted—my work. When one makes inroads as I have in this field, you tend to slip and fall in the ruts.

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I was no exception. The first four years were pure trial and error—mostly error. So, without further ado and limited fanfare: Information on my online greeting card writing classes plus various other writing genresverse critiquing and mentoring services, as well as relevant links will now be found on separate pages linked directly from my home page.

This is writing where the acronym W. Short, immediate, pithy—each word matters, every word counts. No bursting at the verbal seams. Among my students have been retirees, high school students, stay-at-home parents, English teachers, nuns, professional writers and a United States Marine.

In short, everyone relates to a greeting card. Most people think the pay rate sounds too good to be true. It has become a word-of-mouth classic and sells for surprising amounts on eBay and online-bookstore used book sections.

An update about my second edition has been posted on a special page on the site, linked from the home page. During as well, I began teaching on the internet which opened up my course to students across the country and around the world. Currently my courses—not only for writing greeting cards, but also writing quizzes, book reviews and eulogies can be found at: Second, it virtually has no start-up cost Remember, this tip sheet is free.

Traditional cards are those using rhymed, metered verse. The number of lines in the verse is generally divisible by four. The voice is soft, gentle and realistic.

Non-rhyming, it can be a phrase, single sentence or as long as lines. Freelance work is actively sought for contemporary prose. These cards reflect current trends, foibles, frustrations and shared experiences.

They are either written in a snappy, cutting edge style or in a cute, pun-filled voice. Almost every company includes in its lines some kind of humorous offering. The alternate card uses both contemporary prose and humor to get its message across. These cards carry themes such as coping, single parenting, surviving chemo, job loss, terminal illness, pet-sitting thank you, death of a pet, etc.

Alternate cards are very fluid, expanding with the times and events of the nation and world surrounding us. Freelance contributions are actively solicited here as well. When a writer scouts out companies and editors on her own, she learns by doingSandra Miller-Louden's.

Greeting Card Writing Dot Com. HUG A GREETING CARD WRITER DAY! The other day, my tea told me that “If you want to know something, read. If you want to learn, write.” Or something like that. Hm. 8 Strategies for Improving Student Writing.

Tweet: 12 Comments. Now, she works with kids who hate school and writes about it in her blog, Notes From the School Psychologist. Add Dr. Bell to your friends. Inside This Tip Sheet. 1. Designing Effective Classroom Learning Activities. 2. Effective Learning Activities.

business writing tip of the day kids

3. Some Examples. 4. Other information that might interest you. Designing Effective Classroom Learning Activities. Active learning is not a new concept. It "derives from two basic assumptions: (1) that learning is by nature an active.

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