A personal reflection on spirituality and god

Anthony Spirituality Center in Marathon City is a place of peace.

A personal reflection on spirituality and god

Benedictine Spirituality Part 1 of 3 Benedictine spirituality offers an important voice in our world today, a voice which informs our praying, living and discerning.

It is one among many schools that speak to contemporary hearts, yet it is particularly unique in its lasting impact on Western Christianity. Saint Benedict Benedict of Nursia lived from ca. The Rule of St. Benedict RB became a foundational text for monasticism in the West, having emerged in the sixth century as the Roman civilization was collapsing.

There was societal chaos and political dissatisfaction and we might wish that the conditions of those times did not sound so familiar to our modern ears. What we know about St. Benedict himself comes to us mainly through Gregory the Great ca. The Prologue through RB 7 are a foundational primer; RB speak of liturgical prayer; RB include teachings for the common life; and RB offer a theology of monastic life with an emphasis on love Prayer and Community: RB 73, the final chapter, is more or less a bibliography for all that precedes it.

The Baptismal Invitation of the Rule of St.

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Benedict Liturgical Press,the Prologue exemplifies this as a model of baptismal instruction. It is high time for us to arise from sleep Rom Thus prayer and community, to borrow again from Stewart, are at the heart of the Benedictine school of spirituality. As you read, pay attention to the one or two which resonate most for you today.

You will likely recognize the timeless quality of the values which has caused them to endure for centuries and continue speaking to the many layers of our human experience personal, familial, communal and societal.

Moderation Balance is less about achieving perfect equilibrium than it is a pendulum which continuously swings back toward a central point. How are we being invited to swing back toward Christ-centeredness? What does it mean for us to learn contentment with living simply?

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That kind of movement toward moderation is especially important as we live the open and complex questions. Dignity of Work We each hunger to make a meaningful contribution to our world.

How have we been equipped by God to do so? It is a matter of self-respect and purpose which we see clearly in the changing nature of retirement. What do I make or make possible with the precious energy of my life?

Listening The discipline of slowing down to pay attention renews our orientation toward receiving the presence of Christ.

A personal reflection on spirituality and god

What calls us to attention? What helps us practice setting down our agendas in order to be more fully present? Stop the madness; listen to the God who loves you. Common Good The wisdom of Native Americans has often been quoted as a way of thinking about the long term implications of our present actions: Stewardship We are moved to profound respect for the ways the Creator puts resources at our disposal to further the kingdom of God.

Justice People are tired and worn out from striving against unhealthy systems. Unfortunately, Jesus never indicated discipleship would be easy. Reflection Which value speaks to your heart most strongly at this time and why?

How are you feeling called to commit that value to practice in the days ahead?The following questions are for reflection and self growth. Use them as a tool to enrich your life. Create a happy and peaceful journey. 1. Have you spent time in silence today, meditating, journaling, praying, or writing morning pages?

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2. Have you in the last 10 days called or visited, a. Spirituality and Ministry are profoundly related aspects of the Christian life. In this lecture/discussion course, we explore these disciplines separately and in relationship to one another across a wide variety of types and topics.

These include: ministry on the margins, theological reflection on.

A personal reflection on spirituality and god

Apr 16,  · Signs of Spring in Spiritual Life "God is all and everything else is nothing", I need to get back to that and let go of my own plans and let God be God in my life. Spring is a time to sweep the floor of our souls so that we banish all the dust that collects so easily. Spirituality and the Awakening Self: The Sacred Journey of.

The work of feminist scripture scholars such as Sandra Schneiders, who is sensitive to spirituality, has been an important tool. 23 Equally, the writings of people like Elizabeth Johnson and Catherine LaCugna have offered spiritually rich interpretations of Christian theologies of God with the aim of outlining a more adequate spirituality.

We are inspired by Mary, the first handmaid, and Blessed Catherine Kasper, our Foundress, to reach out in compassion to all of God's creation, especially the poor and powerless. We are: Nourished by the Eucharist, the Word, the Liturgy of Hours, personal prayer and reflection.

CSP Writing for Spirituality (1) A course for students which offers an opportunity for individual mentoring in the skills necessary to complete capstone essays in graduate- level English where emphasis is placed on writing that is the fruit of reflection on both academic study and personal appropriation.

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